Trying out PANOPTICLICK (tracking tool)



This site argues that it will will analyze how your browser and add-ons protect you against online tracking technologies. It also analyses if your system is properly configured. In order to continue with the service of the website, you will need to consent, through the ‘TEST ME’ button. After this, you can see the results of how your browser is operating. All in all, I can say it is quite easy to use, fast, and there is no need to be downloading any required files onto your device or system.

I have to say that I was a bit skeptical of using this site to help me track the activity and safety of my browser, but upon seeing the results, I thought otherwise. It appears that this site is pretty good at helping you find out if your browser is protected enough for the dangers of the internet. This being the case, I visited the site with that in mind, and these (above) were my results. As it appears, my browser is not protected well, at all. This was sad news to me as I always think my browser is pretty safe, since I keep my antivirus running at all times, and keep my  ads-pop-blocker on.  Now, I will try and find more ways to keep my browser safe. Thanks Panopticlick!


2 thoughts on “Trying out PANOPTICLICK (tracking tool)

  1. Hey,

    It’s interesting how often we think that our tech and devices are overall “safe” until a site like this one reveals how very easily it is to intrude upon our lives and breach our sense of safety. For the most part, I like to think I;m doing everything I can to keep my information online safe but the reality is I’m not; There is so much information we transmit through our devices without even being aware of it. Like, out browser and devices transmit information without the use of tracking cookies or other add-ons. It’s inherent to these systems–which is wild and sounds like it should be, at least, a little illegal???

    Anyway, nice post fellow citizen of the surveillance state~

    Keep it up!,


  2. Ditto that. Privacy badger is a good one to go with as well as some kind of blocking tool (I like uBlock Origin). Anti-virus software wont help much here.

    And there is only so much you can do; especially considering the other tool that suggests (its hard to know if it is used) that there are ways of tracking from a combination of things like knowing your device type, screen size… there is even something that says you might be able to be identified by a browser tool that can access what fonts you have installed.

    But it’s not illegal, Kelli. What is being sent is part of te standard HTTP protocol, information that is sent on every request for a web page. It’s things like your browser type/version, screen resolution, etc. Pretty mundane stuff, nothing that says anything directly about you.

    The first steps you are doing here is eye opening awareness. Like The Matrix!


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