[Fieldguide] Responding to: ‘The good, the bad and the ugly sides of data tracking’

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According to the article ‘The good, the bad, and the ugly side of data tracking‘ by Internet Health Report,  data tracking is more common than we think it is nowadays. And the worst part of it, is that it is happening to us almost every time we go online with our electronic devices that have connection to the internet. This includes laptops and smart phone.

Upon reading this article, I couldn’t help but to be remind (once again) of the reality that is part of the web. More often than not, I tend to forget about how unsafe it can be because I have been exposed to the internet for almost my entire life. This makes it all the harder for me to notice or be aware of this menace. Still, the truth is that data tracking is constantly happening to us, and I am no exception.

One thing that got me thinking from the article is of how data tracking works. Basically, it happens as you visit certain sites or use certain programs or applications. In an instance, much of your personal information can be tracked and used to figure out things about you. In addition,  this collected data from you can be shared between third-parties. I can’t imagine how much of my data has already been tracked by strangers. But it should be a lot. This creates a bit of stress and anxiety over the websites I use or my activities online. In a sense, I feel like minimizing even further the amount of cyber-software I use online, as I know that this is the reason why the next day, I will come (randomly) across ads that I visited in another site. The feeling that these ads are following me is not to be ignored. But there is only so much that we can do to protect ourselves or go against this phenomenon. This is simply because, after all, we live in an age of an cyber-dependency  world, where most of the our chores and activities need to rely on the internet in some ways.


Level of darkness on the internet: 5/10


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