Memes For Your Enjoyment


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This week we covered the interesting form of communication known as ‘memes.’ For those unfamiliar with the term, it refers to a purposeful or humorous image, video, or text that is mixed together to tell a message. Because of how eye-catching these are, they normally spread though the web quite rapidly by internet users. I find memes to be an unusual and efficient form of communication these days, as they carry messages across with ease and specificity. And it is perhaps this efficiency of content delivery that as helped them in popularity.

I can’t remember the very first time I came across a meme anymore. But I do remember the time I became aware of what they were (they were something more than just a regular picture; an ongoing trend part of the digital world). Thinking back to this moment, I think I was in my teenage years when this happened. And after that moment, I have noticed them more often than I probably should. It’s easier to notice something, after you have become aware that it exists. Memes are really an undying trend online, and can be found in almost all digital spaces relating to social media. People post and upload them for all purposes. Some of these places where they can be found are Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google, and even on Youtube as thumbnails or part of the videos. It is this high usage of them online that help them spread between many online spaces and search engine.

But how exactly does this happen? Well, as I said earlier, they are very contagious. This possibly because of their efficiency of on-point/direct message delivery. It is true that a message can be delivered clearly in text alone, but even so, there is something more about an image being combined with text that improves visualization. One probable reason is because they are many times more humorous than a regular picture or simple text, as they are combination of the two. It is no wonder that when we search online for memes, or randomly come across them, you will likely notice how comical they spear to be. They can be sometimes political,, personal, religious, and the genre is as wide as there is topics available. And their content vary from one to the other because they are tools for communication after all. But still, more often than not we come across humorous memes because of people natural desire for enjoyment, even in online spaces. Don’t believe me? Give it a try and just go to the Google search engine, then type ‘memes.’ You will see how many of them have humor to them, rather than actually arguing something or providing a sadistic message.


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