Jane Kitten Comes Alive! And She Is To Darn Hot, like ‘Spicy Watermelon-Bubble-Gum’… Is That Even A Thing?


This week as been an interesting one for sure. Especially with the class and our final project. I think this project will prove itself to be more fun than expected. So, this week we talked about coming up with a topic for the final project, as well as creating a ‘profile’ for our alchemist (mentor).

For my final the topic relating the final project, finally decided on what to go with. At first, I was think of doing something in relation to ‘online surveillance’. But after carefully thinking about it, I discovered that it was not an interesting topic anymore. But then, just recently, I came up with another one and this is is a keeper (Identity theft in online social spaces). My main focus with this topic is to mainly gain a deeper understanding of the things that go with it. In this case, I will be observing online places like Facebook, Twitter, or dating sites, where there are countless of ‘fake profiles’. These fake profiles are created for many reasons, I assume. And many of them include profiles with pictures of people that don’t belong to the person creating the profile. These photos or personal information can be stolen from pretty much anyone, saved onto a system (a computer or phone, for example), and used later on. This phenomenon is not only happening in online social spaces, but also is dating websites or applications. It is scary to think someone else has an exact image of you and your personal information, as they try to pretend to be you for their own means. Scary indeed!! It also has the same negative effect in online dating spaces, with these fake profiles trying to fool you, only to later try to scam you or make a fool of you.

Since, I’ll be working closely with my alchemist and mentor, this week I took the time help my mentor come to live. She already has a name (Jane Kitten), and a complex character profile. She is an expert in social media, especially in online dating and social spaces. It is for this reason that she will be very useful in my research and search for an answer to my topic.

Below is a picture of my mentor and a link to her profile:




Link to her profile:


How she looks like:


I KNOW!! SHE’S BABE!! LOL. Stay back guys, she’s mine. And best part of it, is that she is only 50% human and 50% ‘kitty cat’. It take this much to receive the proper help I need to deal with this topic, and so I believe Jane Kitten will be the perfect partner for this journey. She is smart, she knows about social spaces (Facebook, Twitter, Hinge, Tinder, and more). She is super sweet like ‘watermelon bubble-gum’, but determined and focused on her work when the time is right. This is Jane. But then again, don’t fall for her, …..because she’s mine….


Thank you for reading!


One thought on “Jane Kitten Comes Alive! And She Is To Darn Hot, like ‘Spicy Watermelon-Bubble-Gum’… Is That Even A Thing?

  1. Dr Kittens is the bomb.

    Good to see some defining of the topic, though catfishing in general is still broad and I am doubtful you can find them by mere exploring of social spaces. I’d like to see a more specific focus, just some thoughts:

    * The range of spaces used or exploration of how it works in one lesser known space. Facebook and dating apps are expected, but I’ve come across rampant exploits that start with chats in the game Words With Friends. A expose of how it happens in such an unexpected place would be interesting.
    * Atypical victims. Largely the victims are women; but you could look into the ways male victims or perhaps gay victims are targeted.
    * A typology of identities created. Maybe looking to some demographics of the fake personas. Many that have used my images are cast as geologists, oil explorers, people who work on ships- reasons why they might be in other countries or travel a lot, or be off line in spurts (?) There are also a swath of pnes created as fake military people, reasons why too they might be in other countries. What makes for a good fake identity vs a weak one?
    * Advances in fake identity tech – there are the algorithms which generate fake images that look real, video tech that can make a realistic looking fake video with an image overlain on a character, perhaps even bot that write the communications?? What happens when these escalate our abilities to detect?
    * Are the scammers really prosecutable? They are often located over seas, out of the range of law enforcement or even private investigators. How (and are) lawsy adapting to this kind of crime.

    I have a bunch of resources listed at my site I send to victims http://cogdogblog.com/i-am-alan modeled after the ones shared by our guest speaker in class http://educationaltechnology.ca/information-for-romance-scam-victims

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